Travel Insurance – for travellers outside and across Ukraine

General Insurance Information

Take care of your own safety and the safety of your family while traveling – get travel insurance.

The international travel insurance policy provides the organization and payment of emergency medical care abroad. First of all, this is normally due to a sudden acute illness or accident.

Above all, Travel insurance is an effective mechanism that avoids unforeseen financial costs that may arise during a trip. For instance, this could be as a result of a sudden deterioration in health or personal injury. Or as a result of an accident.

The international insurance contract from Satguru is a full range of insurance services. Above all, it will guarantee the absence of unforeseen financial costs. Such as costs associated with organizing and paying for emergency medical and other services during your stay outside Ukraine.

The contract includes the following types of insurance:

  • Medical and other expenses insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Complementary Health Insurance
  • Overseas travel risk insurance
  • Medical and other expenses insurance

Foreign risk insurance

First of all, this program allows you to avoid financial costs in the event of an unexpected cancellation of a previously booked and paid trip.

Possible reasons for refusing a trip:

  • a sudden illness or accident that occurred with the Insured and required treatment in a hospital
  • sudden illness or accident that occurred to one of the immediate family of the Insured. And required treatment in a hospital
  • death of one of the immediate family of the Insured
  • receipt by the Insured of a subpoena in accordance with which it is necessary to participate in court hearings
  • refusal of the Insured Person to travel abroad as a result of damage to part of personal property *  **
  • the Insured person’s late arrival by plane, train, motor ship or bus as a result of the delay of the fixed-route vehicle ***

* the predicted loss should be no less than the equivalent of 2,000 Euro

** in case of:

  • fire, natural disaster
  • accident of water supply
  • heating or sewage systems, accident
  • during unlawful actions of third parties

*** In addition, in this case, the expected arrival time must differ by at least 2 hours from the vehicle’s departure time for the Insured’s further travel

Travel insurance in Ukraine

The insurance contract for travelers in Ukraine provides comprehensive protection for the traveler.

The contract includes the following types of insurance:

  • medical expenses
  • from accident

Satguru Travlel (main country office in Kiev, Ukraine):

  • will find and sell you best travel insurance that fits your needs
  • guarantee lowest rates possible
  • advise on insurance conditions and give detailed information

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